Unforgettable Experiences to satisfy any desire

Our range of possibilities is really wide, that’s why we do not set limits, but we prefer that the customer gives us the opportunity to choose together what is the most appropriate type of activity, the kind of memory that you want to bring back at the end of the path.

All our experiences will then be adapted to the requests of our guests. In fact, we propose tailor-made alternatives, as the requirements and the various types of travelers are different.
Maybe young couples who would like to spend days immersed in a romantic atmosphere with candlelight dinners in Michelin-starred restaurants or typical wineries.  Or for families with children, for which we could plan wonderful days by the sea, or visits to educational farms, in contact with animals and nature.
The target to which we are addressing is undoubtedly ageless. We want to guarantee our guests exclusive experiences, among which some of the most suggestive can take place only at certain times of the year.

Having lunch or dinner with a delicious menu of Tuscan haute cuisine tasting selected wines, but immersed in a suggestive row, surrounded by the vineyard full of grapes. Or take part in the harvest, a unique experience, followed by expert grape pickers who will introduce guests to the world of wine, with a guide that will provide information on plants and vine growing techniques. The grapes will be harvested and taken to the operative areas where you will be involved in the winemaking process, discovering how grape juice is transformed into wine.

Tuscany always welcomes, all year round, offering periods of good weather where you can experience exciting balloon tours drinking Champagne and passing over enchanting landscapes; or periods that bring the cold, offering us the opportunity to pick other precious fruits of its territory, such as truffles.
The truffle harvest will be followed by professional truffle hunters and accompanied by the support of the Lagotto dog, a typical breed dedicated to this type of hunting. The truffle in Tuscany is particularly renowned, and if you are lucky in early autumn you may come across the most expensive variety: the prized white truffle.
Cooking lessons, but also wine etiquette and good manners, courses where you can learn the correct attitudes to adopt on the most important occasions.

Touring in the heart of Tuscany, visiting the characteristic and beautiful villages rich in history, and doing on board of a typical Vespa, suddenly finding yourself in a movie atmosphere. The means with which you can explore the territory are many, and you can explore the road alone or accompanied by an expert guide. Or opt for an evocative carriage ride, pulled by horses until sunset, to stop in a vineyard and enjoy the aperitif hour among the vineyards. And after the moments of exploration, wonderful thermal baths and luxury spas characterize the area, with structures ready to welcome guests in search of relax.

This region is full of places rich in history and antiquity, but few are the truly exclusive environments able to meet the needs of guests while maintaining that atmosphere of tradition. For this reason we are proud to be able to offer the prestigious Chigi Tower, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, in San Gimignano. We can see the historical “city of towers”, join professional photo shooting, and then visit the Tower, a true archive of history rich in treasures. A magical and exclusive experience, to be completed with a private dinner inside, accompanied by a wonderful selection of wines to taste. And if the activities were too many, and the guests just want solitude and peace for a while, our guides will leave you and pick you up in a unique location, a lighthouse of a thousand and one nights, on an island of the beautiful Tuscan archipelago.