Travel Services and Prestigious Equipment

Our intent is to provide the best service to make the most comfortable and unforgettable stay for our guests, and this also includes all the necessary transfers.
Our travel plans offer only the most exclusive and personalized means of transportation, relying on the most experienced collaborators in the field.
Being able to guarantee absolute comfort without worrying about moving from one place to another is a priority for us. Upon reservation and, in some cases, with favorable weather conditions, you can book different types of transport.

Private areas for customers who want to reach us with their helicopter are available to welcome them. The flying vehicles we refer to, from helicopters to private jets, also offer the possibility to pick up our prestigious guests directly, whether at the airport or in other areas near the indicated runways, and this throughout Italy and its islands, to the French Riviera.
Our helitaxi services can transfer customers to different destinations and cities during the various stages of their journey.

With the support of excellent staff, among the best wineries in Tuscany and always thanks to the practical and fast helicopter service, it will be possible to book and carry out fabulous wine events and tastings directly in the locations chosen by customers, while in summer they can also be reached on their private yachts with landing strip available.

We also offer various wine tours to combine with the luxurious helicopter experience.

From the sky you can admire the wonders of Tuscany from a unique point of view. The tours will be more or less long, depending on the routes that will be decided and the destinations that once reached will start the various experiences.
In addition to the air we offer means of transport that move on the water: you can, for example take advantage of a whole day to spend at the beautiful Tuscan archipelago on a wonderful 24 mt yacht, sailing between islands rich in history, elegantly cuddled by the waves and the prestigious wines and champagnes, served with excellent dishes prepared on board with fresh fish or typical products by professional chefs.

An exclusive private cruise where you can experience not only the land but also the crystal clear sea that our land overlooks, with its bays and coves.
To add to the one day experience, it will be possible to take advantage of real charters, with more than 4000 crewed boats to travel across the Mediterranean where, following the lines of interest of customers, we will create spectacular visits in the most exclusive destinations.
In order to guarantee not only the experience but also an authentic memory, full of passion for the color red, we can move from one place to another or do different types of tours through the streets of Chianti aboard fabulous models of Ferrari or other supercars. A historic car manufacturer, a prestigious car wrapped in an incomparable charm, top of the made in Italy.

All options can be customized and with the support of experts. For any other travel needs, guests will always be followed on request by our NCC services, or rental car with private driver. This territory expresses its unicity not only thanks to the experiences and activities that can be lived there, but its magic goes along the roads and landscapes remained intact in their bucolic atmosphere.

Being able to pass through its routes and paths, as if you were immersed in a painting. Travelling through an iconic countryside famous all over the world, is also this part of the memory that you can remember.