First Level Food Classes and Training Schools

The Italian cuisine, and the culinary skills of Italians, due to techniques and methods that have always been refined with tradition, are acclaimed all over the world. What really valorizes this approach to food is a very strong connection with its raw materials and its territory.
For the Italians, cooking is a science, and eating well is an art to be exalted.

For this reason we not only define our courses as simple cooking classes or masterclasses: we think that what really needs to be transmitted is not a simple sequence of actions to be copied from a recipe, but make our guests immerge in the rediscovery of raw materials and their true flavor, their history and how to exalt them to create unique dishes.

We are Food School, not cooking school.

Customers will learn that there is a difference between products and ingredients, according to their origin and quality, they will learn not only how to cook but also how to eat.

To guarantee experiences rich in taste as well as educational is one of our mission with these courses, which will always be combined with tastings of special wines of our territory and exclusive lunches or dinners, or even to eat with what you have learned to prepare during the course.
You will always be followed by professionals in the field and class themes can be customized according to the needs and tastes of the guests. The Tuscan cuisine in particular is full of many techniques and dishes to discover.
Customers will learn how to combine food with wine, and the various visual, taste and smell techniques. The exclusivity of the service that we want to offer lies in the unlimited possibilities of choice that we have.

We can take courses where we can prepare complete menus of the Tuscan tradition, or even just fish, or vegetarians; learn how to make jam or ice cream, choose a program with only techniques and pastry recipes. Learn how to make fresh pasta as tradition dictates, or pizza, even dedicate yourself completely to a truffle-themed menu.

Food is always an enveloping and extremely sensorial experience. The locations where the courses will be organized are all of the highest level, with kitchens and professional equipment. The professionals, chefs and cooks, who will follow and teach how to move in this trip, will also take care of their guests making sure that they are all protected.
It seems that in this historical period cooking and being able to cook, especially incredibly sophisticated and innovative dishes, has become a growing trend.
Everything around us talks about food, every day new restaurants open, on every TV channel you can find countless culinary challenges, cookbooks are the new best sellers, while the great star chefs are the new rock stars.

However, behind these aspects there is an incredibly more complex world, a necessary study and a demand for historical culture of what is the tradition and the origins from which all the great contemporary scene is born.  Italy is the cradle of all this. The precious and unique ingredients that this prestigious territory offers are available to show today as then what it means to know how to cook and enjoy excellence.