Exclusive Sports Experiences

The excellent quality of our partners can also be seen in the availability, both in terms of experts and structures, in order to guarantee guests who are passionate about fitness and sports the possibility to combine their passions with the travel experience.
In fact, we can also create in our customers’ personalized routes real stages and sports experiences.
The wonderful Tuscany and the Chianti area offer extremely unique and high level possibilities. You can be transported to the place indicated by any means provided by us and include it in the day along with other activities.
Wonderful golf courses with annexed Spa Resort await the most demanding and thoughtful customers, who can enjoy in silence and quietness the various levels of the courses and holes, and then be able to refresh themselves with the relaxing atmosphere of the Spa services of the most prestigious structures.
There are numerous riding stables and ranches where we can then bring riding lovers. In areas rich in the most bucolic countryside you can face different paths and trails, followed by professionals who will drive, while you can enjoy the company of noble animals. Surely few things are as suggestive as walking on horseback at sunset through the white roads of Chianti.
For people who want to relax and immerse themselves in a more intimate experience, masters and teachers of oriental disciplines such as yoga are ready to make you enjoy the environment even more.
Personal trainers and professionals in this field are available to follow the most motivated for private lessons in centers designed or if desired in the place where customers are accommodated. For those clients who are passionate about sport, the possibility to interrupt it during a vacation is sometimes difficult, but we want to make it part of the experience. The guides and staff with which we collaborate are both professionals and experts, in addition to being passionate about sports they practice sport regularly, so they know the typical necessities of a sportsman and the mistakes that should not be made. The operators will be able to advise on equipment and clothing, and assist completely during the wonderful routes that they know perfectly.

We can organize tours and days dedicated to cycling and Ebike, particularly suitable for enthusiasts who will enjoy the magical experience of riding around the streets and countryside of Chianti. Customers can then choose between types and models according to their abilities and needs.
Eroica Experience
The true lovers of cycling probably already know that in this area was born a foundation and a prestigious race, the historic Eroica: an initiative born with the intent to rediscover the authentic roots of a sport with a strong Italian popular soul. Following in the footsteps of great champions such as Bartali and Coppi, the Eroica takes place on various routes using equipment and authentic vintage bikes, which make its atmosphere truly unique.

For those who do not love two wheels we also develop beautiful itineraries for running and trekking, with excursions that in addition to nature can also discover ancient villages famous throughout the world. We have also thought of the most demanding and unstoppable guests, dedicated to the culture of the vacation as a way to test their performance and be able to dedicate themselves completely. Whole days, specific and organized routes, all in the name of training and swimming, cycling and running sessions, dedicating  through the Triathlon.