Exclusive Accommodations

Our company has dedicated itself to the creation of a format that could best express what for us is a journey in the name of class and the unique exclusivity that our country can offer.

Tuscany Travel Experience is our spearhead. Here, thanks to our passion, deep knowledge of the territory and our excellent partners, we are dedicated in creating real tailor-made experiences, developed to satisfy any desire of our guests. A dive into our most exclusive luxury treatments.

This agency was born and developed in the hills of Tuscany, one of the most popular and visited area in the world, and where our range of action is concentrated.

One of our mission is in fact to requalify our territories with high level and personalized services, guaranteeing our guests the possibility to really live on their skin what is our lifestyle.

We do it also, and above all, through the most exclusive structures in the area, both for the wonderful locations and for the ability that they have to keep intact the tradition and culture, signature of our hospitality in the world.

We are in a place that has had the fortune to live through the various eras the most multifaceted experiences, and this is also expressed through its architecture and buildings: noble period residences, ruins that have become expressions of modern design, ancient castles come back to life, characteristic farmhouses and farms that carry on the most important activities in these areas.

All the accommodations and hotels are unique.

The possibilities that we propose are many, and not setting our experiences in predefined packages, but developing the stay on what are the requests of our guests, they can choose the type of accommodation that best reflects their desires.

These structures offer real wellness experiences, the luxury is found in those memories that emerge from the simple things and the care and class with which you are welcomed and treated, as if it were not the first time you come to visit, but you were a regular customer, part of the family.
And in fact, we also talk about family: these residences, more or less ancient, are still managed and carried on with extreme dedication by the descendants of those great families, noble and not, who literally created the activities that still today are the fulcrum of development of the region of Tuscany.

Having the opportunity to get to know the members of these ancient families, and to see the simplicity combined with the highest level of service with which they manage their facilities and their products, is in itself an experience.

“Luxurious” and “exclusive” are terms that have been quite abused and applied to ranges that do not meet exactly what our society thinks.
Our proposals not only have a beautiful outer packaging, but it is what they can offer you inside them that is really special: certainly a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere compared to the other beautiful hotels that we have to expect in the great cities of art, but in particular a contact with the unique nature and the most iconic countryside, which induces you to rediscover yourself, and to find a gratifying serenity.

A feeling to be remembered forever, this is the value of travel, the culture of travel. Where we find ourselves as we embark on this journey is certainly one of the most important features.